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  • Firm Philosophy

    The design philosophy at Croft & Associates begins with the idea that we exist to serve our clients. Serving our clients is put into action by listening and discerning what is important to them on their project. Experience has taught us that each client has expectations of budget, schedule and quality. We seek to understand the priority of these three elements very early in every project to ensure that we achieve our client’s goals each time.

    Success on a project is not accidental. Repeated success comes from excellent people following proven processes. We rely on both of these every day.

  • Our Clients Say . . .

    “Croft & Associates skillfully guided our team...”

    • — Dan Porta, Assistant City Manager, City of Cartersville, GA
      “I found their team resourceful and creative...”

    • — Kendall Smith, City Manager, City of Dallas, GA
      "I would recommend Croft to anyone who values honesty, expertise, and reliability..."

    • — Kay Frey, Principal Kennesaw Charter Science and Math Academy

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